Second Sunday of Lent

Listen, Trust, Obey

Lent is a time for taking action to improve our relationship with God by listening more intently, trusting more generously, and complying more willingly.  If Lent were a game it would be a full contact sport!  It calls for active participation and the full engagement of the mind, the heart and the will!  Fasting and abstaining notwithstanding, we must remember that God wants to transform your life not your diet!  He wants to lead you in a different direction; influence the choices you make, adjust your attitude, change your perspective, and radically alter the way you think about and treat your neighbor.   In other words, Lent is as practical as it is profound.

God called Abraham to climb up a mountain with his son, Isaac.    God called Peter, James and John to climb another mountain with His Son, Jesus.   They all made the climb and as a result their lives would never be the same because of what happened there; because of who they encountered there.   This was nothing new.  God once called Moses to climb Mount Sinai where he encountered the Living God in the form of the burning bush.  This encounter would alter the course of his life forever.   God called the prophet Elijah to the top of Mount Carmel for the dramatic showdown between the gods of Baal and the God of Israel (1 Kings 18).   Today God is calling you.

The lesson of these men’s lives and the lives of millions of men and women of faith since them is that when God calls you to step up, listen to Him, trust in Him and do exactly what he tells you.   When you do, you will experience the unique privilege of being conduits of his extraordinary action in history.

Peter, James and John listened to, trusted and obeyed the call of Jesus to face the mountain that stood before them and to begin the hard work of conquering it one step at a time.  Will you face the mountain that stands between you and your moving forward in your relationship with Christ this Lent?  Only if you make the climb will you see the view of Jesus that you have been sorely missing.  Once you have seen this view, you will know that obey him was the wisest thing that you have ever done.

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